The Easy Garden Tower

Are You Looking for an Easy and Cost-effective Way to Grow a Vertical Garden?

Uses 30% Less Water
Than In-Ground Gardening

Can Be Built Anywhere
You Have Sunlight

Try Different Sizes for Different Vegetables and See What Works

Above ground gardening is the easiest way to grow a garden! It needs a maximum of 6 feet of space, requires 30% less water than traditional gardening, and grows a variety of vegetables.

100 Humanitarians International sews and sells garden towers in three sizes to help our organization raise the funds to provide gardens for families in Kenya, Africa.

What Sizes are Available?

Each Garden Tower comes with a printed and digital version (sent to your email) of the instructions on how to build your garden tower. You will need to purchase soil, compost, and vegetable seeds or starts separately.

Small: 40 plants

Great for any small plants like herbs, strawberries, green onions, and varieties of lettuce. They can even grow potatoes!

Soil needed: .4 cubic yards-ish

Medium: 80 plants

Great for beans (on top), onions, bell peppers (on top), varieties of lettuce, broccoli (on top), tomatoes (on top)

Soil needed: .81 cubic yards-ish

Large: 120 plants

Great for everything! Grow zucchini from the bottom, watermelon, cucumber, beans, varieties of lettuce, broccoli, onions

Soil needed: 1.5 cubic yards-ish

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